Thursday, October 22, 2009

hare krishna hare krishna

Met a hindu monk in front of Kamppi. He was wearing a bright orange knit beanie, didn't pay attention to whether he was wearing the robes as well. He said that I looked like a humane person, and asked whether I was interested in their work and stuff. I said I was in a hurry (a semi-lie), so he gave me some garuanga -coconut balls- basicly for free, but I donated 4e for them. He also asked what age I was, and I (quite shamelessly) lied an said that I was 17 and studied at Ressu. Then he let me go after giving me a small flyer and saying that hopefully he would see me at some of their parties. Oh, and at the beginning he asked if we had met before.
Basically almost a complete deja-vu of what happened to Outi with another (or perhaps the same?) krisha-guy :D.
But the coconut balls were really good.

Also went to get my inner conch jewellery changed (now a black-topped glass plug from Gorilla Glasswear ) as the original piercing was done with a titanium barbell (long enough to accomodate even extreme swelling during the intial days of healing), and of course all my piercings have to match. Besides, I wouldn't be able to wear golden or bronze accessories with steel-coloured piercing jewellery.

I'm so glad that next week is exam time, as I only have physics' exam on Wednesday, otherwise just free time. I'm planning on recharging my batteries, partying and catching up in maths. Those are my plans, now it just remains to be seen what I actually manage to get done.

1&2 Got the cutest little china set from Ikea. They're actually kids' toys, but I think you could probably use them for espresso parties. What do you mean you don't have those? I have them at least once a week with Pooh, Urpo and Turpo.
3 The view of my room from my new couch.
4 My art wall. Hopefully it will be full by the end of the school year.
5&6&7 Art from said wall. All of them are just as random as the earlier fetured owl (now taped to Outi's dorm wall in London), so even though I like them now, I might replace them quite quickly. The last one was made partially with recycled Ikea cardboard :D
8 My true love. I don't think I'll ever get tired of veggie soup (usually carrots and potatoes with onion/courgette/scallion/whatever strikes my fancy) with coconut milk, lime/lemon juice, herb salt, curry/chili. The citrus basil leaves are there just for decoration, although they would have mixed well with the other seasonings discounting the curry.

Happened across the new Twilight trailer today, had completely forgotten about it. It actually isn't that bad, if you close your eyes and cover your ears during the mushy scenes. It looks like there will be much more action, and not as much stuff centered around Bella and Edward. But then again, there seems to a love triangle with Bella and Edward & Bella and wolfboy. Also, Dakota Fanning, when did she grow up?

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