Saturday, October 3, 2009

and I did all my best to smile

I'm rather tired, but am going to write this update anyways, since it's been long overdue, and I will be quite busy tomorrow; I have to clean my room, wash a few weeks' worth of laundry, bake cupcakes, make veggie soup, study maths&physics&javacode and then spend the evening with Mira <3. Wow... two weeks since the last update (and my promise to update more frequently...). Where to start? Maybe I'll just plunge in, and write about stuff as it comes to my mind.

I've been listening to alot of new music during the past few weeks, playing around with Spotify. I've just added whatever I like to a random-playlist, since I'm too lazy to make several playlists, and am not the kind of person, who likes to listen to just ____ kind of music continuously, but rather like to mix metal/classic/pop/hiphop/whatever strikes my fancy.
At the moment the playlist includes The Flobots, Jackson 5, Editors, Tim Buckley, the A-ha, the Police, Pain, Edith Piaf, Public Enemy, the Smiths, She & Him, Philip Glass...
My dad brought my guitar with him on Wednesday, now I just have to find the time to play it. I want to take lessons, but have to first find a teacher.

I just finished drawing this random drawing of an owl. I am rather pleased with it - 99% of my good art works come into existence without unnescessary planning or thinking, and this one is no exception. An a different note, I've been searching through Desing Is Mine for decoration inspiration, and I've got several good ideas. I've gotten back into the mood of doing art, and looking at design blogs is uplifting and inspiring.
Dad brought among the other stuff, my fabric markers, and I've got several blank canvas totes to play with, but I'm rather tempted by the idea of just continuing decorating the white bag with new green designs, and doing some stiching on the canvas totes.
I'm also going to cut out some letters out of sunshine yellow carton, to string up on my windown, spelling out some silly message like KSS. Maybe I'll change them once a month or something.

donnie darko
Finally got around to watching the film, and found it as enjoyable as I thought I would. Gary Jules' "Mad World" is still haunting even after dozens of times of listening to it. I remember that three years back (?) Outi and Lauri sang the song in BotB, and that was the first time I herd the song.
Another film I need to see is 500 Days of Summer ,as the trailer is cute and the soundtrack is even more awesome.


I've decided that chasing boys is a waste of time. And though Inka said that it would be okay, if I turned gay, chasing girls would be even more difficult, what with the heterosexuals-homosexuals ratio in the population. I'm just too much of realist/pessimist, too tired of embarassing myself and getting my feelings hurt -or worse yet, hurting someone else- to bother trying to find someone. More than 99% (the one exception being my elementary school sweetheart, if it even counts) of the time I let myself fall for someone, they aren't interested in me because of my personality, or there are hotter girls for offer. If there really is supposed to be someone there out there, we'll find each other some way, or maybe we won't. At least if I don't try, I can still entertain the notion of someone being interested in me, instead of getting rejected again and again.
Wow, way to go all teenage-angst on your readers, Kata. And also go all bipolar/schitzofrenic, with speaking to yourself in the third person.

Yours truly,

P.S. The weather's getting colder and colder, I've already started wearing gloves, scarves and hats. Oh autumn/winter clothing, how I love thee. I could do without the rain/sleet, though.

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  1. heiii! the smiths ja tim buckley=LOVE!
    ja toi pöllö on Ihana, voi, kuvistunnit oli niin kivoja..: D