Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yours to keep

I'm supposed to be studying for tomorrow's math's test right now, but in true Kata-fashion I've found tons of other fun (and not so fun, but nescessary) stuff to do. Maybe I'll go to the store after posting this, to buy pepsi and return all the bottles and cans I have (probably worth over 10e). And then study maths. or at least seriously try.
But now, picture time!

I baked mint-chocolate muffins on Sunday (week ago) with Mira. They came out delicious and we ate most of them. We were listening to random music on spotify, when we got a phone call from Anton, and then my room was invaded:

And this is what my room looks like without random people in it + the pretty view from my window:

This Friday Jaakko came over, we ate (was going to make something out of my fancy "low GI vegetarian cookbook", but ended up doing random veggie-couscous dish (mushrooms, carrots, scallion, onion, limejuice, herb salt and curry)), went for a walk at the lil' harbour and he taught me maths (learned more in 30min with him then in all the lectures with our real professor).

Then today I made the same stuff again, and also marianne-crush-pancakes with rasberry jam for pudding. Oh yeah, and I got an inner conch piercing on Wednesday, getting the other ear done when this heals. Also gonna go next Friday to get my scar piece done. How exciting.

Wish me luck for tomorrow!
xoxo (Kata)riina


  1. voih, miehiä ja kaljaa! ja sit vielä lättyjä!! ja toi kuskus(suomensin itse) näyttää vähän koulun kuskusilt...ei millään pahalla: D ja huonees on ISO!