Thursday, November 5, 2009

All I want is a white winter.

-and it seems like I got my wish.
Today I woke up to see a white blanket covering the ground, little flakes still drifting down from the sky. Now we just need to hope that it stays/we get more. I also realised that I'll be heading to Lapland for an extended weekend in just two weeks! I just can't wait to get on top of a board again. I've only boarded for about 13 days or so, but I'm quite good. Still, I'm more than happy to just go down the moderate (not too steep) slopes, gaining speed until reaching the fine line between exhilaration and fear of losing control (I've falled -doing a few cartwheels in the air- more than a few times, but never gotten anything worse than a few bruises).
Gah, I miss snowboarding so much! I guess I'll try to go to some of the small ski centres near Helsinki, although they're nothing like the Alps... also going to drag some of my guy-friends to go skating and teaching me hockey :p

In other good news, my astangha yoga lessons will begin in 3 weeks, just after I get back from Lapland (already wincing about putting my sore muscles through a intense yoga session after being on a board for 24h or so).
And I passed my physics course's end exam! Not much to celebrate about, since the test wasn't that hard, but I didn't really practice enough. I'm going to go raise my mark in January. I also have the maths' end exam then, so that means christmas hols full of studying. Oh joy.
I'll be going back home during the hols, hopefully I'll get to meet as many of my friends as possible.

I've been listening to alot of music recently. I lost my ipod and don't have the money to buy a new one at the moment, so now I when I turn my laptop on, turning youtube/itunes/spotify on is the first thing I do. The new most played artists for me atm would be Regina Spektor and Asa (well rather Asa's and Laineen Kasperi's music featuring other good rappers). Yes, suomi-rap, you read right. I've always rather hated mainstream rap, or rather the ideas it stood for. The finnish rap scene is just as polluted by wannabe-gangsters and such, only the finnish guys are like watered-down (and whiter) versions if their american counterparts, but then there are some gems like Asa. His second-most recent album won some award with 40,000e price money, and he used all of his share to produce his newest album Via Karelia , which is a charity album for the Aseistakieltäytyjien Liitolle (the national union of people who refuse to bear arms; military service is mainly compulsory here in finland, unless you have a medical condition/choose istead to do civil service for ethical/moral/religious/other reasons), with ALL the winnings going to them. That's worthy of respect, as Asa isn't really rich or anything, he still lives in the neighbourhood he grew up in, outside inner-Helsinki.
Regina Spektor is just magical. Her voice is as wondeful as Norah Jones' or a million other pretty voices, but her music is personal, always evolving, challenging.

I'm really too tired to write about anything else, although I think had other things to say.
Sweet dreams,

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