Thursday, December 17, 2009

hopes and wishes, redemption's desires

Well it seems like my wish for a white winter/christmas came true. At least here (and apparently in quite alot of other places, including London and Brussels) we've had lots of snow for the last few days and a healthy -10 celcius temperature to keep it all from melting. So far it hasn't been too cold, so I've been able to dress relatively freely & stylishly, just adding gloves, a thicker scarf and an extra top layer. I also got some new comfortable shoes suitable for the colder conditions. I actually bought them on a whim, when I was feeling angry/dissapointed about missing my first yoga lesson, because of not being able to find the place! (I also felt pretty stupid. I looked at a map on the internet, but still got lost.. I asked almost 5 different people for directions, but they were all contradictory). The shoes are not as imposing as my black combat boots, so they can be easier combined with a pretty skirt or dress.

Speaking of yoga, I've had only 3 lessons so far at the ashtanga yoga school, but I love it! Our teacher is quite nice, although she usually neglects to mention some important aspects of the asanas we do. I understand they're easier to do that way, but they should be learned the correct way from the start, even though it might be really difficult. Bad habits are harder to break later on.
I miss my old teacher,as we had a small group (max 6 people), so there was more time for individual teaching. Also I miss some aspects of hatha yoga, like the meditation and counter forces. But I do love ashtanga as well, since it's more physical (I've already notices a slight change in my arm muscles, as they are put to hard work during almost all asanas) and satisfying in that aspect. Now that the introduction lessons are over (I'm gonna miss next week's lesson, but it doesn't matter that much, since I already know all the asanas and such), I've got 10 lessons in the beginner group to use. After that I'll maybe take a weekend course to advance to the intermediate group, or maybe stay in the beginner group for a while. I'm in no hurry, I still have the rest of my life to use to perfect even the first order asanas.
So I'll probably start doing yoga twice a week and also start kickboxing. I thought about getting a membership at the local gym, as they've got a great offer for students, but I don't really relish the thought of running on a threadmill and lifting weights, I want something more interesting than that (especially as this gym doesn't have TVs... I've been spoiled rotten by Royal La Rasante club).

I've also bought some new books, icluding these two; a source book for vintage tattoos & tattoo artists (here are some of my favourite pictures included) and a book on traditional pin-up art (by Gil Elvgren, the godfather of pin-ups). I bought the tattoo book, because I'm interested in the history of traditional western tattooing and the pin-up book because I like pretty ladies (and also the book has some photograps about the original models and quite a lot of information on Elvgren's career). Most of the pin-up art is (oil) paintings, and it's interesting to see that "photoshopping" existed even then, as the pin-up ladies have impossible proportions and prettier faces, even though the actual models themselves were gorgeous. Woman is rarely pictured in art as she is, but rather throughout the centuries different aspects of her have been glorified and amplified in all kinds of art.

And of course; some cupcakes!

Now I'm going to watch some GG and work on some Christmas cards.


P.S. My Christmas wishlist coming soon!


  1. I was quite surprised that they don't explain much in ashtanga yoga and quite happy to have done 5 years of hatha yoga before; otherwuise I think I might have seriously hurt myself. But I loved ashtanga yoga so much that I went on to become a teacher - it's so energetic and I love the breathing! Hope you stay with it. Sabine x