Tuesday, August 18, 2009

last days of summer

My summer holidays are almost over. A week from now I'll be flying to Finland to start university life. (Well thank the Holy Muffin, that I still have from that day on about a week or so to settle in, before my actual studies commence. And also I have Outi and Anna to keep me company and keep the home sickness at bay.) I'm crazy busy (that's why I'm updating my blog...) with cleaning and packing, as I have today and tomorrow to hopefully get all my things sorted out, so I can have a stress-free Pukkelpop-festival weekend! I'm leaving tomorrow night with Mari, Matilda and hopefully Inka :).

My Pukkelpop survival list: festivalticket, trainticket, money, cellphone, flashlight, swissarmy knife, canned beans, juice, water, apples, muesli bars, toilet paper, plastic bags, eating utensils, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, bikinis, soap, hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, pens, paper, a good book, alcohol, chocolate, bandages, antiseptic handwash-thingy, sun screen, tent, sun glasses, make-up, towel, can opener, camera, ear plugs, deodorant, shampoo, contact lenses + solution, of course different clothes; shorts, jeans, t-shirts, jacket/hoodie....
Mari and Matilda are taking care of some of these things, but if I were going alone, I would have to take all of that with me.

Last night Greg took me to dinner to celebrate my b-day (16th of September, but sadly I'll be spending it in Finland). He took me to Novo (hadn't been there before), and we went to sit in the back terrace, where he already had a waitress plant my present (the whole thing was a mass conspiracy!). The present was so sweet; a picture of me (reflecting my inner persona quite well, I might add). We had some good food and talked, but then it was time to go home. We went our separate ways on the metro, and I walked home from Kraainem. Jeezh. I actually walked the ~5km in record time, 35min. It was so weird, I felt a bit ill (speed-walking in slightly chill weather with a completely full stomach is not advised), but I couldn't stop. Reminded me of running long distances like 12min cooper; your body and mind are kinda screaming at you to stop, but you're in a zone, where you can't stop or slow down. I actually tried to slow down when I finally got close to home, but I couldn't :P. Then I got home and basically fell face down on the bed.

Next update will probably be sometime next week, in Helsinki.
-Last farewells from Brussels, Kata

P.S. I want to see "500 Days of Summer".

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