Friday, August 14, 2009


This post will be short, because I still want to do some cleaning before I curl up in bed with a good book.

Information shocks:

  • Homemade ice-tea is awesome.
  • My new cupcake book is awesome (I actually didn't really need it for these cupcakes/muffins I made, but I want to try some of the fancier decorations and icings later).
  • I found some cool wood for new plugs. I only have Minna's half-finished tunnels with me, as the rest of the works under progress (and some of my tools) are in Finland. I want to make these into some 16,5-17,0mm flat-faced, single-flared plugs, or maybe into tunnels with a simple mayan flower-motif on the front. If you didn't understand a single word I just wrote, check back for some pictures later :D.
  • I've finally found the time to read more (spending a week or so alone makes even cleaning seem like a fun past time), and I've got quite a few new and old books (in regards to when they where written, and when I bought them) on my reading list.
Good night,
xoxo Muffin Girl.

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