Monday, September 7, 2009

Mitä teekkarius oikeastaan merkitsee

I could post pictures of my cosy student room, but my camera is in Brussels. Along with my guitar, the rest of my clothes, shoes, books and other stuff. Most likely though my dad and/or mum will bring some of my stuff, when they'll come to visit during October/November.
But my room is nice, way too big for only the bed and desk&bookshelf I have at the moment, so I'm going to buy a small armchair or sofa, and maybe a separate table for my computer. And when I talked to my dad, he said that he might invest in a small fridge or me (we have 9 people sharing a kitchen, and there's only 3 fridges and one freezer) :D This place already feels quite cosy, but it will feel like a home in about a year, I reckon. Home is where you make it.

The first week here at HUT was hectic. On Monday I had to wake up at six to get here for eight o'clock (I was still staying with relatives, I g
ot my key on Tuesday). I latched onto Panu, but then after the regular welcome speeches (interrupted by some spirited and excellent and some not so excellent music and dance/theater performances), we were separated into guilds (us into the physics') and then went our separate ways. Then we were told some more important/semi-important/useless information, and then we were again separated into small groups, that were led by ISO-people; older students (most of then 2.years). Then we toured the campus, got to know each other a little better etc. Our groups name is nanaa.rar. Sauli has refused so far to tell me where the name comes from. Sauli is one of my iso-people, they're awesome <3.
Then for the rest of the week we had some lectures introducing us to the information systems they have here (how to link up with the school computer from home, the programs used etc.), and then the evenings were filled with parties. On Wednesday we went for almost the whole day/night to Kiljava, for the annual physics' guild trip. There we had tons of entertainment, including beer-pulling. It's the same as rope-pulling, but you can use only one hand to pull, until you have emptied the drink can/bottle (has to contain alcohol) in your other hand. The new girls won again the ISO-captains, I'm proud to say :D.

But now I'm going to go to bed, I've got my first maths', physics' and programming lectures tomorrow, starting at 08:15. I had loads of other stuff to write about, but I forgot it. I'll try to update more regularly, so I don't have to try to strain my brain trying to remeber all the details and events of a whole week/month/year.

Yours faithfully,
fyysikkofuksi Kata

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